Dr Charlotte Armitage

Founder and Managing Director of Be Device Wise

Dr Charlotte Armitage is a psychologist and psychotherapist and has been working in this area for 5 years; she is researching around the impact of devices on child development and is already working with various groups. Dr Charlotte’s first book on this subject matter has been sold to Hachette UK and will be published in January 2025.

Dr Charlotte also owns a charity called No Phones at Home CIC; through this she launched a National Awareness Day called No Phones at Home day which takes place on the third Saturday of January each year. The aim of the day is to encourage families to focus on connecting with each other; being emotionally present; without the distraction of devices.

Charlotte has been working with Leeds and Wakefield Council this year delivering training on the impact of device use on child mental health. Through this training; she has helped to change processes regarding referrals for ADHD diagnosis in some schools in Leeds; as well as helping teachers to recognise what behaviours may be related to device use rather than being an inherent problem in the child. Furthermore; Dr Charlotte has run a device reduction programme in a school in Wakefield which had positive and promising results. The children reported that they felt happier; healthier; in control of their lives; more focussed; had more energy; slept deeper for long; engaged in their extracurricular activities more and enjoyed spending time with their family and friends. Other councils around the country are looking to deliver this training in 2025. Dr Charlotte is a member of the ‘Health Professionals for Safe Screens’ working group. She is also a member of the NHS West Yorkshire Trauma Informed Network where she has given talks to police; doctors; teachers and others about the impact of device use on child mental health and interpersonal skills.

Be Device Wise has experience of delivering interventions to various groups of individuals with child caring responsibilities and has seen the success of how this has changed how these people utilise devices with their children. The work has been covered by the BBC and it’s likely that ongoing projects will be covered by the BBC also. We have a successful case study of work with Leeds Council and have evidence of the success of these programmes. This is the only company in the UK delivering this type of education which is led by a mental health professional who specialises in this area of research.

Dr Sanjiv Nichani OBE

Senior Consultant Paediatric Intensivist

Dr Sanjiv has started to notice the impact of screens on child development through his work in paediatrics.  He has coined the term SCREEN DEMIC

This is the Epidemic of Mental Health Illness and Developmental  Difficulties  in Children and Teenagers due to Excessive Screen Time and Social Media Usage

Dr Sanjiv has launched a campaign to raise the awareness of the SCREEN DEMIC along with tips as to how to tackle it
The campaign has involved doing presentations to children parents and teachers as well as talking about the Screen Demic on BBC radio Leicester,BBC Radio 4, BBC Five Live and news reports on ITV News

Dr Sanjiv has created a Five a Day Infographic for parents and children which has been accepted by NHS England Mental Health Leads for Dissemination


OBE awarded 9th October 2020

Officer of the Order of the British Empire 4th highest civilian honour in the UK (equivalent to the Padma Shri)awarded by Her Majesty The Queen on 9/10/20

Conferred by His Majesty King Charles at Windsor Castle for services to Medicine and Charity 1st February 2022

POINTS OF LIGHT award conferred by Prime Minister Mrs Theresa May 10th April 2019 for Outstanding Services to Humanity
Conferred in the House of Commons

Health Care Hero :Electric Bus names after me on 22/10/23 in the City of Leicester October 2022

Life Time Achievement award Leicestershire Heroes October 2018

Sandy Chappell


Sandy Chappell has been a Paediatric Speech and Language Therapist for over 30 years, working in both the NHS and independent practice. Her specialization lies in treating speech and language disorders in pre-school and primary school children.

Throughout her career, Sandy has held roles such as Head of Paediatrics and Advisor in Child Language. She operates Chatterbox Speech and Language Therapy in North Yorkshire. She authored the book How to Raise a Chatterbox, a guide for parents on speech and language development in children aged 0-5, featuring numerous screen-free activity ideas.

Sandy is actively involved in various initiatives. She is a member of the Health Professionals for Safer Screens campaign group and serves as the speech and language advisor for the charity ‘Peeple’. This organization trains practitioners and parents in early child development, advocating everyday learning opportunities to enhance children’s speech, language, and social skills.

As a licensed Elklan tutor, Sandy conducts courses for early years’ staff, teachers, parents, and carers, covering comprehensive aspects of speech, language, and communication. Additionally, she is a registered provider of ‘DLD Together’ courses, focusing on developmental language disorder in children.

Recently, Sandy pioneered the Talking Teams program aimed at raising awareness of speech, language, and communication needs in primary schools. She conducts training sessions for parents, school staff, and Year 5/6 children to empower them in supporting communication-challenged students.

Sandy is deeply passionate about early speech and language development, recognizing its profound impact on academic achievement, mental health, wellbeing, and future life prospects. She advocates for the use of everyday routines and play-based activities to nurture these skills, emphasizing minimal screen exposure whenever possible.