The Device Wise Reduction Programme

With Dr Charlotte Armitage

The programme is a one month programme designed for children at the school. They will attend 4 x 2 hour sessions with Dr Charlotte Armitage over the duration of one month where they will gradually reduce their screen time and learn about the positive and negative aspects of doing this.

Initial meeting with Dr Charlotte to establish challenges in school and to design specific intervention to target problematic device use amongst school pupils. - £1000

In house facilitated programme- psychologist on location 4 times over an agreed period of time to facilitate the intervention with students. - £4000

Delivery of psychometrics for students to monitor mental health: £20 per student, across programme. Data is graphed. (optional)

Psychological monitoring sheets for students to support their device reduction: (Included in the programme)

Provision of all consent forms for students and parents to sign: Included in any package.

The Device Wise Reduction Programme with Dr Charlotte Armitage

The Device Wise Programme School Facilitated and Pre-Recorded Messages

The Device Wise Reduction Programme Local Authority Training


Staff Training Day
(Schools or Local Authority)

Online Training for Parents