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Presentation about the impact of device use on child psychological development



Understanding the impact of device use on Child Psychological Development

Dr Charlotte Armitage is a psychologist and psychotherapist who is the founder of ‘No Phones at Home Day Community Interest Company (CIC)’ and creator of the ‘Device Wise Programme.’ With expertise in psychodynamics and child development, she will share her insight and experience on the issues surrounding the increasing dependence and prevalence of smart device use by children and young people. During the session she will explore the impact that this has on the psychological development of children, specifically their ability to develop complex interpersonal skills which are essential for navigating all aspects of adult life. 

Through this session, you will have the opportunity to develop your own training surrounding the harms associated with device use and preventative measures that can be implemented to mitigate the risks posed, based on what you have learnt from Dr Charlotte. Your training will be developed with the objective to be delivered to either parents or teachers within your own schools.

For those teaching and caring for young people, safety has been focused on the security of the smart devices, social media, grooming, and bullying. However, what a child sees and accesses on the smart device is only a part of the concern. The excessive time now being spent on these devices is contributing significantly to the rise in mental illness. The time spent on devices is displacing key developmental skills which require face to face interaction to evolve. With the majority of parents unaware of the adverse impact that excessive device use can have, Dr Charlotte is working with educators and families to share the insight and knowledge needed to help make positive changes to habits around device use.



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